Mountain Hiking Holidays is exactly what it says--having a hiking holiday in the mountains. The people you meet are interesting, fit and on time. The hikes are spectacular--did I say spectacular? What an extraordinary business invented and managed by two wonderful people. If you like to hike, you cannot go wrong on one of their trips.


The service and assistance provided by Mountain Hiking Holidays was nothing short of magical. It enabled us to relax and enjoy every aspect of our trip knowing that all the worrying had been done in advance. It was Swiss-watch-precision all the way, without any herding, harassing, or hurrying... We realize that, had we been left to attempt this trip on our own, we might have been able to do 10% of what we accomplished with relaxing ease while in the care of Mountain Hiking Holidays. We were in good hands at every step.


Roman and Nieves were constantly tweaking things to make the trip better for our group. Everything was always planned out. They were great guides and complemented each other well. They took care of different things, but made everything work perfectly together. This is the kind of exceptional service that makes Mountain Hiking Holidays stand out.


The beauty of the Dolomites is like nothing we have seen in other mountains. They are so unique and inspiring to see...just hauntingly beautiful. The way the trip came together from the onset of planning to the grandeur of it unfolding was seamless and flowing.


The hiking with Mountain Hiking Holidays was fantastic. Make no mistake--this is a "hiking" holiday with great food and accommodations. The trips are for those that want to experience the views that can only be seen by getting out there. It's great reason to get in shape and experience the world.


I've come to expect nothing but the best from Mountain Hiking Holidays and Paulo certainly did not disappoint. He was so good at reading the group and arranging everything to suit. Patient, charming, funny, knowledgeable - what else could we want?! When he realized we didn't want a "rest" day on our "extra" day he went out of his way to provide us with a wonderful outing (petroglyphs and guanacos).


Amy and John continually amazed me. They shared the joy and delight of the adventure, but also showed wonderful attention to detail as far as schedules and arrangements. They were unerringly respectful and kind and encouraging to each member of the group. This was the best run and most pleasurable organized trip that I have ever taken.


What a trip!! Hokkaido was everything and more than I expected! I am so glad our family was able to leave the hustle and bustle of the average tourist vacation and have an opportunity to experience Japan's pristine nature! The guide was so accommodating and attentive to the needs of each group member, and with such varied ages, this was not always easy. Our family made it to the top of Asahidake in Daisetsuzan Park; [it] was exhilarating and will be a cherished lifelong memory!


Your cheerful sensitivity to everyone's slightest wish is admirable and so was your flexibility to cope with the whims of the Irish weather.


The Scots in me also appreciated the great value of the trip! We could never have done this on our own. The careful research, planning, testing and exploring that Amy and John did paid off in an outstanding adventure we thoroughly enjoyed. The hikes [were] well-researched, and your diligent study of the terrain made pushing our limits fun and safe.


Traveling with you has decisive advantages. I enjoy the company and friendship of...your leaders/guides. Everywhere I've gone with you, it's obvious that you've "been there." You connect us with places...way above the ordinary, and sometimes set the stage for meetings with individuals...we wouldn't encounter in ordinary travel contexts.


In our extensive search for a company to lead a walking/hiking trip, our main criterion was to select the one that was least like a big organized tour and most like independent travel. We were definitely successful in our selection.


You more than satisfied my 'mature woman' needs; your attention to details, consistent good humor, wealth of local and historical knowledge left me free to wallow in gorgeous scenery. And I liked the 'spacing' of the schedule - always time for individual pursuits after hiking...This week in the presence of lofty mountains...I have felt renewed by the awesome beauty of this country. My own senses teach me, but not completely. Your passions and knowledge and insights about this small patch of glorious earth teach me much more and deepen my love for it. How kind you have been to all, how respectful and sensitive to our needs and unique interests...It is your generosity of spirit which will make my Dolomites adventure live forever in the great memories.