• Lac Negre and Caire Ponchu, Maritime Alps, France
  • Trail to Navajo Knobs, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
  • The Wellhorn  en route to the Grosse Scheidegg, Switzerland
  • Netedu peak from Vanatoarea lui Buteanu, Fagaras Mountains (Transylvanian Alps), Romania

More Destinations

Over the years, Mountain Hiking Holidays has developed and operated mountain hiking trips to a variety of destinations either as scheduled departures or custom-designed itineraries for groups. Not all the trips that we’ve developed are offered every year. Here, you’ll find a sampling of trips from past years. Please let us know if you have a specific interest in any of them. We would love the opportunity to help make your travel dreams a reality!

Note that each of the following trips (or modifications thereof) may be booked as a private departure for your group of friends, family or colleagues.

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Hiking Fjord Norway. Here is a landscape that has been called the most beautiful on Earth. Towering granite cliffs plunge into deep, twisting fjords that wind their way for as much as a hundred miles into Norway’s rocky core. Lovely walks on ancient pathways and thrilling hikes to glorious vantage points and isolated summer farms perched high above the fjords.
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Hiking the French and Spanish Pyrenees. This is our classic Pyrenees trip developed twenty years ago. Hike on both sides of this magnificent range. The French side is the more well-watered side of the range. Forested valleys, grand glacier-carved cirques, and high-country lake basins full of sparkling tarns. The Spanish side is drier, often sunnier, with magnificent steep-walled canyons.
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Hiking in Bulgaria. The trails of the Rila and Pirin National Parks will take you into the heart of some of the wildest mountain scenery left on the continent. Follow paths through streamside meadows and groves of pine. Ascend to gem-like lakes cupped in mountain basins, and revel in the joy of a ridgetop walk where you can let the mountain breezes sweep your cares away. Deep in a forested valley, contemplate the frescoes that grace the walls and ceilings of the Rila Monastery, a testimony to the pride and faith of the Bulgarian people. In a traditional Bulgarian mehana, fine food, drink, and music cap off your adventure-filled days. Introduce yourself to Bulgaria; a warm welcome awaits you!
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Mountains of Bulgaria video

Tour du Mont Blanc. Hike around the glacier-draped peak of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. This trail journey will take you through three countries–France, Switzerland, and Italy–and will allow you to completely circumnavigate this magnificent peak. This is one of the world’s classic trail adventures.
Photos from our 2012 Mont Blanc trip at our Facebook page

Picos de Europa of Northern Spain. Explore the Cantabrian Mountains (Cordillera Cantábrica) from the Basque mountains of Anboto and Gorbeia in the east to the Picos de Europa, a cluster of high limestone peaks straddling the border between the provinces of Cantabria and Asturias.

The Maritime Alps of France and Italy. (Hotel/inn-based itinerary.) Explore the Alps where they meet the Mediterranean! Here you’ll find high country landscapes as fine as anywhere in the Alps!
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The Maritime Alps Inn to Inn. (Inn to inn itinerary.) Hike across the Alps on this “inn-to-inn” trek starting in the Alpi Marittime Nature Reserve in Italy and finishing at the Mediterranean Sea near the lovely town of Menton on the French Riviera.
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Hiking in Western Ireland. Discover the beauty of western Ireland on foot! Journey through the lake and woodland landscape of the Killarney National Park, and sample the trails of the glacially sculpted MacGillicuddy’s Reeks, a mountain range that contains Ireland’s tallest peak, Carrauntuohill. Hike amidst the quintessential Irish landscape of patchworked fields on the Dingle Peninsula.
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Swiss Alps Inn to Inn. Traverse a portion of the renowned Alpine Pass Route, one of the premier long-distance hiking routes in Switzerland’s Berner Oberland, on the inn-to-inn adventure. Encounter a fantasy of quintessential alpine landscapes.
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The Mountains of Northern Greece. In the “hidden” region of Zagori discover a landscape filled with lovely mountain villages connected by a network of stone-tiled pathways and bridges. Enjoy high country meadows ablaze with crocus and one of the deepest gorges in the world. Visit the “perched” monasteries of Meteora and climb to the summit of Mount Olympus, legendary home of the Greek gods.
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Hiking the Alps of Slovenia. Great news for mountain hikers! Slovenia offers memorable trail experiences in a less-frequented part of the Alps! In Slovenia’s Julian and Kamnik-Savinja Alps you’ll find the quintessential elements of the Alpine landscape–soaring peaks, deep forests, lovely mountain villages, and flower-bedecked meadows. For those of you who love the Dolomites of Italy, the Alps of Slovenia provide the perfect way to continue an exploration of the scenic eastern Alps.
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Hiking in Croatia. Croatia’s limestone Velebit Mountains contain the country’s most spectacular mountain landscapes punctuated with impressive knobs and domes, jagged crags, labyrinthine passages, and knife-edged pinnacles. Through the heart of this splendid mountain environment winds a long distance hiking trail known as the Premužić Trail (Premužićeva staza) from which views extend over the Adriatic Sea to the west and across the parallel ridges and forested foothills of Croatia’s Lika region to the east.
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Hiking in Romania. Explore the high Carpathians of central Romania also known as the Transylvanian Alps or “Carpaţii Meridionali” in Romanian. Extending across central Romania this 225 mile-long range consists of several mountain groups each with its own distinctive landscapes and hiking opportunities.

Transylvanian Alps Hut to Hut (Romania). A challenging “hut to hut” hiking adventure along the main ridge of Romania’s Fagaras Mountains–one of the longest continuous high mountain traverses in Europe. This trip is suitable ONLY for very fit and experienced mountain hikers. The trip also includes a sampling of Transylvania’s treasury of castles, monasteries, fortified Saxon churches and medieval towns.
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Dolomites Hut to Hut. Hike across the Dolomites along the long-distance Alta Via 1 from its start at Lago di Braies near Dobbiaco to the Passo Duran near the southern Dolomites town of Agordo. On this “point to point” hiking trip stay in mountain refuges (rifugi, in Italian) and experience the peace and beauty of the mountains before the day-hikers arrive and after they leave. This trip is best for hikers looking for a bit of a challenge and who don’t mind basic, hut-style accommodations.

Hiking on Madeira. Anchored in the Atlantic Ocean west of the African coast, the temperate island of Madeira boasts some of Portugal’s most dramatic mountains. An extensive network of paths along the levadas makes the windswept highlands, plunging cliffs, and mossy laurisilva forests accessible to hikers.
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The Azores. The volcanic Azores sit astride the Mid-Atlantic Ridge about one thousand miles west of Lisbon. Explore the trails of Sao Miguel, Pico, Faial and Sao Jorge islands. These temperate islands are sometimes called the Ilhas Afortunadas (“Fortunate Isles”) or the Ilhas Azuis (“Blue Isles”).
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Carpathian Mountains (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland). Journey across the breadth of the Carpathian mountain range from the rolling, forested Bukk Mountains of northern Hungary to the compact mass of soaring, glacier-carved crags that comprise the Tatra Mountains on the Slovak-Polish frontier.

Japan and China

Hiking the Japan Alps. Enjoy the alpine splendors of Japan on a hut-to-hut experience in the northern and central Japan Alps. Rushing forest streams, deep woodlands, windswept mountain ridges and craggy, snow-flecked pinnacles!

Hiking Hokkaido. Enjoy hikes in the volcanic mountains of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. The wilderness character of Hokkaido’s backcountry makes it a joy for mountain hikers. Some of Japan’s finest national parks set the stage for a memorable Hokkaido hiking experience.
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Great Wall of China. Hike the less trammeled sections of Great Wall as it snakes its way across the mountains of northern China. From Laolongtou where the wall plunges into the Bohai Sea, to the wilder wall at Dongjiakou, to the magnificent stretches of the Jinshanling and Wohu Shan walls this journey is designed with the hiker in mind!

United States

Hiking Utah’s Capitol Reef – Heart of the Red Rock Country. Southern Utah’s red-rock country is truly one of the world’s iconic landscapes. Many hikers flock to Utah’s better-known national parks like Zion and Bryce Canyon. By contrast, Capitol Reef National Park is a hidden gem and a great place to experience the singular wonders of hiking amidst the colorful, sculpted sandstone formations characteristic of the red-rock country.
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The Chisos Mountains of Big Bend National Park. Big Bend National Park encompasses a series of compact mountain ranges surrounded by the expanse of the Chihuahuan Desert. The park’s highlands are crowned by the peaks of the Chisos Mountains which author Edward Abbey once described as “an emerald isle in a red sea.” March is when the spring bloom begins in the Big Bend country. It’s a special moment in the park when cacti and other desert plants display their floral finery. Beautifully constructed trails lead into the cool, mountain landscapes of the high Chisos; in March the summer’s heat is only distant promise.
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Acadia National Park. The distinctive granite domes of Maine’s Mount Desert Island serve as the centerpiece for Acadia National Park along with dramatic sea cliffs and fjord-like bays and inlets. Acadia was the first national park established east of the Mississippi River and the first created entirely from donations of private lands to the public domain. This trip is timed to catch coastal Maine’s fall foliage show so you can enjoy Acadia in its special moment!

Pinnacles National Park Spring is the perfect time for sun-filled hikes in Pinnacles National Park, the Golden State’s ninth and newest national park. Though its national park designation may be new, the natural splendor of the Pinnacles region was recognized at the turn of the twentieth century when Teddy Roosevelt proclaimed it a national monument in 1908.
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Island-Style Hiking on Kaua’i. Perhaps the loveliest of the Hawaiian islands, especially for hikers, is the Garden Island of Kaua’i which boasts some of Hawaii’s most dramatic landscapes. Take a break from the cold days of winter and indulge in a sun-drenched Hawaiian hiking getaway! We run this trip using an “island-style” approach so you’ll have an opportunity to get a feel for Hawaii’s laid-back lifestyle.
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Pacific Northwest Hiking in Olympic National Park. Enjoy an off-the-beaten-path hiking experience in one of the most beautiful expanses of mountain wilderness left in the lower 48. Temperate rain forests, wilderness coastlines, flower-filled alpine meadows and panoramic high-country views await!
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