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From Our Mailbox

…see everything, enjoy everything, learn everything, and write me an excellent letter brimming over with your impressions.

–HENRY JAMES, Madame de Mauve

In our extensive search for a company to lead a walking/hiking trip, our main criterion was to select the one that was least like a big organized tour and most like independent travel. We were definitely successful in our selection.


Traveling with you has decisive advantages. I enjoy the company and friendship of…your leaders/guides. Everywhere I’ve gone with you, it’s obvious that you’ve “been there.” You connect us with places…way above the ordinary, and sometimes set the stage for meetings with individuals…we wouldn’t encounter in ordinary travel contexts.


You more than satisfied my ‘mature woman’ needs—your attention to details, consistent good humor, wealth of local and historical knowledge left me free to wallow in gorgeous scenery. And I liked the ‘spacing’ of the schedule—always time for individual pursuits after hiking…This week in the presence of lofty mountains…I have felt renewed by the awesome beauty of this country. My own senses teach me, but not completely. Your passions and knowledge and insights about this small patch of glorious earth teach me much more—and deepen my love for it. How kind you have been to all—how respectful and sensitive to our needs and unique interests…It is your generosity of spirit which will make my Dolomites adventure live forever in the great memories.


A truly unforgettable experience! Your attention to detail and careful consideration of the hikers’ needs and desires was very impressive, not to mention the enthusiasm generated by leaders who have a real affinity for the mountains.


Mountain Hiking Holidays is a gift that you have given the world and you have given the world to us.


The service and assistance provided by Mountain Hiking Holidays was nothing short of magical. It enabled us to relax and enjoy every aspect of our trip knowing that all the worrying had been done in advance. It was Swiss-watch-precision all the way, without any herding, harassing, or hurrying. We were in good hands at every step. Having three daily hiking options made it easy for us to choose a hike that was consistent with our abilities. We were encouraged to maintain our own personal style of hiking… We realize that, had we been left to attempt this trip on our own, we might have been able to do 10% of what we accomplished with relaxing ease while in the care of Mountain Hiking Holidays.


We find it very easy to tell everyone that despite our many wonderful trips with [other tour companies], we recommend they check out Mountain Hiking Holidays first!


We have never experienced travel with leaders who attended to every detail with such dedication. Mountain Hiking Holidays attracts delightful people for a thoroughly enjoyable adventure.


I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did to make this trip one of the most enriching experiences of my life…I will always have a treasure box of these memories. Thank you for helping me to fill it.


It is nice to be on a tour where the leaders are as excited about seeing the sites as the participants are. It was like a trip with a group of close friends.


Steve and Jo were patient and so thoroughly customer-oriented. They bent over backwards to make sure we had the best adventure. They made the trip wonderful.


All the leaders were superior. Everyone made us all feel well cared for and taken where we wanted to go—at our own speed.


I felt very catered to…we were able to do so much more because you had done all the homework.


We’d like to thank you again for the wonderful trip you put together for us. The locations, accommodations, meals, variety and schedule made our week as enjoyable as it could possibly be! You are elite professionals; that combined with your individual skills and charm…makes your company a wonderful success!


I went to the Dolomites with Mountain Hiking Holidays in order to ‘get away from it all,’ to hike in the mountains. With the expert guidance and planning by John and Amy, the trip far exceeded my already high expectations. Not only were the selected trails and itineraries breathtaking, but the fantastic food and cultural experiences made this a trip of a lifetime. I have never eaten so well!


Since returning from our adventures… we’ve had numerous opportunities to share with friends and family what a super time we had—and how much we appreciated our tour directors who are a fine combination of geographer/historian/art critic/raconteur/mountain goat/beer and wine connoisseur/translator/mountain rescue team/mother superior…and the list goes on…As we look back on our two trips with Mountain Hiking Holidays, we really appreciate the thought and the work you have put into designing the trips, scouting and selecting the hikes, choosing the hotels and restaurants and (with great good humor) shepherding your guests as the adventure unfolds—and giving them as much rope as they choose to run.


Traveling with Mountain Hiking Holidays didn’t seem like a tour. It seemed like we were being taken around by friends who lived nearby.


We can’t say that “it was the trip of a lifetime,” because that would mean we never plan to do it again. We do plan on repeat performances… It truly was a marvelous trip. Mountain Hiking Holidays was perfection in our opinion.


Your careful attention to individual needs, desires (and peculiarities) made the trip superlative. I speak from experience since I went on an earlier tour [with a different company]. I had a great time then but it was ten times better time with Mountain Hiking Holidays.


My trip to Europe was such a wonderful and great experience. I owe it all to the wonderful hotels, food, tours, hikes, people, etc. that you arranged. It was superb!


The best walking trip ever!


I want to thank you for a wonderful trip to the beautiful Dolomites. It met all my expectations and more, and the days were so well planned… It was an unforgettable experience.


Just wanted to say thank you again for a most marvelous trip in the Pyrenees. You and John made the trip a delight with your careful planning of hikes, selection of those wonderful inns and the pacing of our adventures. We walked softly with joy—and WOWs!!


This was one of the most fabulous days of my life as I climbed higher and harder than I ever had before or at least in the last 30 years… Our destination was a ridge far above us, and when I finally struggled to it at 8,488 feet it was the highest I had ever hiked… I looked up and there was the Brèche de Roland and the Refuge Sarradets below, and I burst into tears of joy. I will never forget the experience.


John and Amy have to be the ultimate! One or both were always a step ahead, planning the next event. And everyone (the non-hikers, the photographers, and the serious hikers) received consideration. The trip exceeded our expectations.


Amy and John do their homework extremely well and enhanced our Norwegian visit tremendously with their knowledge of local information and historical fact. Ross Hamilton graciously imparted knowledge of lighting and composition with a bit of light-hearted banter—an extra bonus for us “would be” photographers.


Thanks for helping me make my dreams come true.


At last a moment to say a huge thank you for the great time I had hiking in the Pyrenees… I was so lucky to be with a group like the one we were… It was wonderful the way we all mixed and matched and then all pulled together on the last day to make it up to the Brèche.


You do a wonderful job of caring for your travelers, and we recommend Mountain Hiking Holidays to others.


My husband and I certainly can recommend the Pyrenees Mountains to hikers of all abilities. We also give an enthusiastic endorsement to Mountain Hiking Holidays. Their attention to detail and sincere commitment to their client’s total enjoyment makes us ready to try another of their destinations soon!


It’s hard to put in words the feelings I have about this trip! It’s been spectacular…the sights, the people, the food, and all the wonderful friends I’ve made!


I was impressed with the leaders’ knowledge of local history and customs, which helped transform a wonderful nature walk into an unforgettable journey through land and time.


Thank you again for an unforgettable trip!


Each walking venue was different, the scenery exceptional and the overall experience beyond our wildest dreams.


I felt like we got “la crème de la crème” in our hiking selections!


I had not anticipated the degree to which you had prepared every detail to facilitate everything and make Mountain Hiking Holidays an unforgettable experience.


I can’t say enough about our hosts and their flawless arrangements, good humor, and concern for everyone’s comfort.


How could experiencing beauty like that and seeing those mountains for the first time not exceed my expectations! I cannot go back to life as I knew it after the spa experience at the Hotel Julen. My view every morning was the Matterhorn centered at my balcony! What a wonderful world!


Everything was wonderful—the accommodations, food, and especially the company… By far one of the nicest times I have ever spent on vacation.


Whenever I take off for a trip of any kind, I wonder how I’ll feel on the return trip. Coming back from the French Pyrenees, I kept telling Ted what a great time I had, how it was better than I expected. You did a great job!


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